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    9.97 Rated on Checkatrade

    We are a high-quality, Checkatrade-registered drain unblocking service operating 24/7 across Leeds. We work with schools, charities, corporations, homeowners, and many other organisations.

    Need a drain unblocking in Leeds?

    It can be hard to notice that your drains are blocked until problems start occurring. You may have started noticing bad smells, overflowing drains, or gurgling sounds in your pipes. All of these are indications that your drains are blocked. If the problem is left then you risk it not only getting worse but becoming a health hazard to you and those around you. That means it’s time to act.

    What is manual drain unblocking?

    Drain unblocking in Leeds can be a basic task. In fact, you might be able to solve it with a plunger, or a preparation bought from your local supermarket. However, there will be many cases where the solution is not as straightforward as this and that’s where you need to call in the professionals.

    Drains can easily become blocked. Maybe because something flushed down the loo, or perhaps because of an accumulation of hair, but you won’t know the cause unless an inspection takes place. If you need a drain unblocking in Leeds, one of our drainage engineers will use a CCTV camera to gauge the extent of the problem and take appropriate action.

    This is why drain unblocking is best left to the professionals who can identify the cause of the blockage and understand the best course of action to solve it. 

    The simplest way to unblock a drain is manually. 

    This is done in a number of ways and includes using tools such as the plunger and the manual drain snake.

    The plunger is probably the most familiar of all drainage unblocking tools and it can be used for minor blockages.

    The manual drain snake is a piece of equipment that looks like a long cable with a corkscrew at one end and a handle at the other. This is placed into the drain and the handle is cranked to move the snake through the drain to break through the clog. 

    What is pressure jet unblocking?

    This works by sending pressured water through pipes to break down drain build-up. Hydro jets get rid of the blockage and are also super effective for cleaning drains.

    Why choose Flowfinity for drain unblocking in Leeds?

    You can trust us to help you source any problems you are having with blocked drains and deal with them in the best possible way. 

    Your drain unblocking engineer in Leeds will pinpoint the root cause of a blocked drainpipe and will be able to advise you on the best drain clearance solution. We use the latest drain unblocking equipment to get your drain flowing again quickly and efficiently. Your engineer will be highly trained to do the job correctly and will have all the tools required to do this efficiently with minimum disruption.

    We are drain unblocking specialists with experience unblocking all kinds of drains. Whether it’s a blocked kitchen sink, a blocked toilet or a blocked drain outside, we can help so if you’re looking for drain unblocking in Leeds, get in touch today. Head to our contact us page or call us 24/7 on 07943468868

    Our Services

    Drain Unblocking

    We have a range of drainage unblocking services that are capable of fixing any problem.

    CCTV Survey

    Utilising our CCTV Drain Survey service completely removes any uncertainties about your issues.

    Patching & Lining

    No-dig technology allows us to fix drains experiencing a wide range of issues.

    Property Inspection

    Our inspection services are great for people looking to buy a new home or carry out renovations.

    What to expect

    We’re on the road all day, every day across Leeds and the surrounding areas, with our Flowfinity van, tackling drain blockages. We are blocked drain experts who employ cutting-edge technology to assist you. Simply contact us today to find out more and book your appointment today.

    We’re on the road all day, every day across Leeds and the surrounding areas, with our Flowfinity van, tackling drain blockages. We are blocked drain experts who employ cutting-edge technology to assist you. Simply contact us today to find out more and book your appointment today.

    Our clients love us…

    Our dedicated service has earned us a 9.97/10 rating on from 25+ clients.

    10The work was carried out quickly and effectively. We have been so impressed with the professionalism shown – would highly recommend Flowfinity.

    Verified Review

    10Flowfinity did an excellent job identifying the cause of a blocked drain, breaking out a gully and root cutting before reinstating. I was kept updated on work and price as it progressed. Polite, honest, hard working and cleaned up after themselves. Would definitely recommend for any drainage work.

    Verified Review

    10Great work by Torin and Reece to change out a fractured 120 year old gully. They were Efficient, friendly and super precise and tidy. They lifted the yorkshire flag stones without damaging and placed them back perfectly after installing the new gully. I would highly recommend FlowFinity and will definitely use them again.

    Verified Review

    10Very fast response, work carried out with no fuss and no mess. Very polite and informative. Price agreed before work carried out and competitive. Would certainly recommend.

    Verified Review

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