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Everything you need to know about CCTV Drain Service

What is a CCTV drain service?  

A CCTV drain service uses the latest CCTV technology to examine drainage systems remotely.  Using a drainage camera system is a quick way to inspect the condition of underground drains as well as above ground pipes, for example soil stacks, rainwater downpipes, industrial process pipes, storage tanks, vertical chutes, and ducting systems.

During a CCTV drain service, the operator inspects, via video footage, every aspect of the drainage system and will look out for cracks, leaks, blockages and anything else that could cause problems.

The advantages of a CCTV drain service not only mean that problems are detected quickly but it’s done in a much more cost-effective, safe and efficient way than if someone had to carry out the drain service physically. Once the inspection has taken place, our plumbers can swing into action to do any remedial work if required

How does a CCTV drain service work?

The cameras used for the CCTV drain service will have powerful LED lights so that the operator is able to record high-quality video footage that is then used to detect any faults in the drainage system.

The service will:

Locate blockages

CCTV footage is used to detect blockages deep down in your pipes. A drainage expert will be able to assess the problem and the best way to clear the blockage. The CCTV camera will also be able to record before and after footage as proof that the work has been done.

Search for leaks

Even the smallest leak can cause problems but you may not know about it as it will be hidden underground. A CCTV drain survey will be able to source any leaks so that the problem can be quickly dealt with before it causes major damage.

Tackle root ingress

You may not be aware that roots from trees have encroached on your pipes and are causing damage but the CCTV operator will be able to spot potentially costly problems.

Find joint displacement

This is when pipes have adjusted as the ground has shifted. When the CCTV is interested into the drainage system it is able to locate where this is occurring.

Locate pest infestations

Pests such as rats and cockroaches can find their way into the home via drains and can be a serious risk to health.  

Why is it useful to have a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey is not only quick and affordable, but it can nip drain problems in the bud before they get too serious. If left undetected blockages and breakages can cause unpleasant smells, create structural damage and pose a threat to health.

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