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What is a non-dig drain repair?

How to tell if your drains need repairing

The simple answer is that you may not always be able to tell that your drains need repairing.

Not until it is too late, and problems occur. These can include blockages which manifest themselves as overflowing toilets or blocked up drains. You may also notice that water is slow to drain away from your sinks or baths and in the worst-case scenario bathrooms or kitchens could get flooded. There could be several reasons why this happens. It may be a pipe blockage, or perhaps a pipe has collapsed from wear and tear. 

What is involved in a non-dig drain repair?

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to rectify your drainage problem, then the non-dig drain repair is an excellent option. In the old days when you had a damaged, blocked, or leaking pipe, it had to be located, dug up and replaced. A time-consuming and pretty costly exercise. Now with new technology, the problem can be solved efficiently and with minimal disruption. 

The initial stage of this is to make a CCTV survey of the drains to find out what exactly the problem is, then once the cause is determined a non-dig drain repair can commence.

Non dig drain repair is essentially the re-casting of a new pipe within the existing old one, using modern materials. In effect, it re-lines the pipes and ensures that they can continue to do their job. This can last for maybe 20 years or more.

How it works is glass fibre reinforced matting is cured on site with silicate resin. This is attached to a packer which the engineer will push through the pipe. It inflates over the area, and it cured in place so that it bonds to the pipework. It’s a fantastic solution for any pipes that are cracked, slightly collapsed, or have displaced joints.  

Benefits of having a non-dig drain repair

  • No digging is needed.
  • It’s faster to install.
  • It will restore your pipes’ structural integrity.
  • It’s more affordable than other types of repairs.
  • It will prevent water ingress at the point of repair
  • It will prevent root ingress at the point of repair

Sometimes patching and lining your drains is actually the best solution when it comes to solving a drain problem. As experts we can advise you about whether this could be the way forward for you so why not get in touch with us now.

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